Experience The Taste of Persian Food.

Avesta Persian Grill was founded in 2015 in Houston, Texas which quickly gained a reputation as one of Houston's best Persian restaurants with its variety of rich Iranian dishes. Its owner, Zaffar Anvari which emigrated to the United States from his hometown of Dushanbe, Tajikistan comes from a family of restaurant owners who had his own dreams and ambitions to realize the American dream and come to the United States and establish his own restaurant. Zafar worked tirelessly in a local restaurant in Houston as a dishwasher, busboy, waiter, and manager. After nine years of gaining experience in the local Iranian restaurant, Zafar decided that the time had arrived to open up Avesta Persian Grill.

He chose the name Avesta which is a literary masterpiece that consists of 21 volumes and that was kept in the library in the famous city of Persopolis. The priceless Avesta collection was destroyed by Alexander the Great of Macedonia after he invaded Persia 2317 years ago (321 BC) and conquest of Perspolis and in the process defeated the Achaemenian empire. Despite the efforts to destroy this "literary jewel named Avesta" of Persian history, Avesta remains a shining star of that era of rich Persian history.

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