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Avesta Persian Grill is a unique dining experience, combining authentic Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine. At Avesta Persian Grill, our passion is to provide guests with quality ingredients and outstanding service in an unforgettable atmosphere. Our guests come to Avesta expecting the best kabob and Middle Eastern food in Houston. We are striving to make every guest leave feeling like they got what they came in for. The quality of our food is excellent. We bake our very own special bread that is loved by all of our customers. We offer various appetizers, rice dishes and stews, as well as a wonderful selection of lunch special.

Avesta Persian Grill located in Westchase District Houston ,Texas .Westchase district is a home to several fortune 200 companies , privet businesses and its the fastest growing area in Houston,Texas.
Persian cuisine, is the Queen of middle eastern food and its the most healthiest and tastiest cuisines in the world.Today, Persian food is gaining popularity in multicultural cities and cosmopolitan areas, particularly Los Angeles,Houston ,Washington D.C., New Yourk and London.If you are new to Persian cuisine, you might be surprised to find that the food is not spicy or hot. Rather, most Persian dishes are mild to the taste, drawing on a rich mixture of herbs and spices that are subtle yet pleasing to the palate.So, if you’ve never tried Persian food, you may be missing out on an experience that is sure to be unique and delicious, and perhaps even addicting!


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